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Stacy is the SVP of Retail Insights for SupplyPike. She brings a decade of knowledge and experience working directly with Walmart merchandising teams.

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SupplyPike helps you fight deductions, increase in-stocks, and meet OTIF goals in the built-for-you platform, powered by machine learning.

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Walmart's Auto PO Update Program

Suppliers with good ASN and PO accuracy have been invited to the Auto PO Update Program. The program helps to adjust shorted ASNs to their POs.

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What Is Walmart’s SupplierOne?

SupplierOne consolidates Retail Link apps like Item 360 and NOVA to streamline tools, minimize third-party reliance, and enhance omnichannel features.

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Sam's Club Merchandise Category Numbers

Sam's Club merchandise numbers organized by category.

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Executive Level Insight into RevLoss at Walmart

Tracking the performance of retail CPGs is difficult without a bird's eye view. Read more about what revenue loss looks like at the executive level!

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Calculating SQEP Fines by Defect

Walmart's SQEP fines for non-compliant shipments vary based on program phases and defect descriptions. Learn the calculations and avoid revenue loss.

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What Is Walmart’s New Collect Pickup Program App?

Walmart's Collect Pickup Program shifts transportation costs to suppliers. Fees are based on pickup & fuel costs are viewable in a Retail Link app.

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Redisputing Walmart AP Deductions

Redisputing is the process of submitting a dispute that has either been canceled, denied, or is pending supplier action.

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Walmart Announces Luminate to Replace DSS in 2024

Walmart recently announced that starting March 1st of 2024 they will be discontinuing DSS and replacing it with Luminate.

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How to Pitch SupplyPike to Your Boss

Do you love SupplyPike's products but need to convince your leadership? Learn how to pitch SupplyPike to your boss.

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Common Root Causes for Retailer Shortages

Learn how to tackle the seven causes of retail shortages at the source. Uncover how to determine validity and take action to dispute invalid claims.

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How to Pull the Supplier Scorecard in Luminate

With DSS going away in March of 2024, learn how to pull the Vendor Scorecard in Luminate!

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What is a Walmart Distribution Center?

This article provides insight into Walmart's Distribution Centers, diving into their role, functions, challenges, and impact on suppliers.

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What Are EDI Standards?

EDI standards are agreements between users of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) on how data is to be formatted and communicated.

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