EDI: What Suppliers Should Know

EDI: What Suppliers Should Know

EDI experts explain how suppliers can meet Kroger’s compliance requirements, avoid costly fines from common EDI errors, and use integrations to streamline their processes.


  • 2022-02-16

  • - CST

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Kroger is one retailer, among many, that expects suppliers to comply with specific EDI requirements. If you have questions about setting up your EDI program, we’ve got answers!

Join SupplyPike’s Ryan Petty as he sits down with EDI expert Anthony Thrasher to talk about Electronic Data Interchange and how it impacts Kroger suppliers in this 1-hour webinar.


  • Ryan Petty

    Ryan Petty

    Product Owner for OTIF Radar

    Ryan manages SupplyPike’s OTIF Radar application, a product built to help suppliers isolate poor performance in their supply chain.

  • Anthony Thrasher

    Anthony Thrasher

    Director of Product Management

    Anthony is the Director of Product Management at SPS Commerce with over twelve years of retail network experience.

  • Stacy Tan

    Stacy Tan

    Sr. Director of Retail Strategy

    Stacy is the Sr. Director of Retail Strategy for SupplyPike. She brings a decade of knowledge and experience working directly with Walmart merchandising teams.

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