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Code 15: Pallets/Shrink-wrapped Short/Damaged

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What is Deduction Code 15?

Code 15s are generated for shortage/damage on palletized or shrink-wrapped shipments. The freight bill is signed for pallets, but pallets are shrink-wrapped and shortage or damage is within the pallets.

How to Prevent Valid Code 15s

  • Be sure to package goods to prevent damage in transit
  • Ship in full per the PO
  • Make sure your packaging/labeling for different items is distinct so that it is clear to the receiver which items were shipped. Code 13s are sometimes filed when the receiver mistakenly identifies the items received.

Can Code 15s be Disputed?

Yes. Disputing code 15s is difficult, but if you can prove that the shipment was in full or items were packed and loaded correctly then it is worth filing a claim.

How to Dispute Invalid Code 15s

Supporting Documentation:

  • Purchase Order (EDI 850) showing requested quantities
  • Bill of Lading showing correct items/quantities shipped
  • Proof of Delivery showing items received

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