Chat with a Replenishment Manager: Catherine McDonnough

Walmart’s OTIF program is very strict and allows for very little wiggle room. Sit down with Replenishment Manager Catherine McDonnough and learn how you can stay compliant.


  • Stacy Tan

    Stacy Tan

    SVP of Retail Insights

    Stacy is the SVP of Retail Insights for SupplyPike. She brings a decade of knowledge and experience working directly with Walmart merchandising teams.

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  • Catherine McDonnough

    Catherine McDonnough

    Senior Replenishment Manager | Central Garden & Pet

    Catherine is the Sr Replenishment Manager at Central Garden & Pet. She has 10+ years of experience managing replenishment, including 5+ years at Walmart.

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Chat with a Replenishment Manager: Catherine McDonnough

Access the Chat with a Replenishment Manager: Catherine McDonnough Slide Deck to learn about best practices for working with Walmart.

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