Code 151: Purchase Rebate Allowance

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What is Deduction Code 151?

Code 151s are often not a rebate allowance, but a Sales Rebate with a specific dollar amount given for each unit sold. Usually, it comes through in the Co-Op without a claim code listed.

How to Prevent Valid Code 151s

With your buyer, discuss and agree on a formula to use to calculate a promotional rebate, including what sales types it applies to. Specify that the offer is considered final upon a deduction of the agreed-upon rebate amount by Walmart.

Can Code 151s be Disputed?

Code 151s are not usually disputable since a sales representative from your company would accept this deal in the Retail Link Co-Op Agreement.

How to Dispute Invalid Code 151s

Submit documentation to the Accounts Payable Disputes Portal (APDP) in Retail Link, if the deduction amount does not match the agreed-upon rebate.

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