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Code 24: Carton Shortage/Freight Bill Signed Short

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What is Deduction Code 24?

Code 24s are given when the PO is received but signed short by the DC. (i.e. you billed for 10 of an item but only 5 were received at the DC) 

How to Prevent Valid Code 24s

  • Ensure that all cases are shipped as noted on the freight bill. 
  • Be sure all cases ordered on PO are shipped complete.
  • Be sure the driver notes the case count on the BOL

Can Code 24s be Disputed?

Yes. Provide the correct shipping documents to prove that the PO was picked up and delivered in full. This dispute would be approved by Walmart only if the product was counted by the driver and signed for prior to leaving the supplier’s facility.

How to Dispute Invalid Code 24s

Supporting Documentation:

  • Freight bill showing the order was picked up in full
    • Collect suppliers: Bill of Lading showing order picked up in full. The BOL must be signed by the driver, and the Purchase Order number should be clearly noted on the BOL.
    • Prepaid suppliers: Proof of Delivery showing order received in full AND a drop trailer stamp showing the load was dropped at the DC yard (Walmart should provide a shortage stamp if the dispute is denied so you can dispute with your carrier). The Purchase Order number should be clearly noted on these documents.
  • Invoice (EDI 810) showing quantity shipped

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