Code 22: Goods Billed not Shipped

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What is Deduction Code 22?

Code 22s arise when the quantity of an item on the invoice does not match the quantity the facility says it received.

In this scenario, it's possible the BOL was stamped as received in full at the facility, but the invoice was transmitted for quantities greater than what the facility claimed to receive.

How to Prevent Valid Code 22s

Item Setup and Invoicing

  • Submit only one Invoice per PO when possible

  • Confirm your item setups

    • Vendor pack quantities

    • Warehouse pack quantities

  • Transmit invoices with Walmart item numbers

  • Match your invoice to the PO and don't make adjustments on the invoice that don't match PO

    • Match units of measurement on the Invoice to the units on the PO

    • If you don't agree with the quantity ordered, do not short ship. Rather, coordinate with Replenishment Manager or the buyer to request an updated purchase order.

  • Confirm that fulfillment information is correctly flowing to the warehouse (check your EDI)

Packaging and Labeling


  • Identify PO number and Facility number on labels

  • Be sure labels are clearly applied, not damaged or obfuscated

  • Use color-coding/imagery to differentiate between products

  • Use slip sheets between POs if palletizing freight

  • Use color-coding/imagery to differentiate between orders

    • It is best to avoid co-mingling inventory for different Purchase Orders. Walmart expects one PO shipment per pallet or per box unless you have an agreement with the RM stating otherwise. If you do include multiple POs in a shipment you must clearly separate them, though it is still not recommended as this is one of the most common reasons for invalid shortage claims.

Can Code 22s be Disputed?

Yes, it is common to win back code 22s by proving that all items were shipped in full using the Accounts Payable Disputes Portal (APDP) in Retail Link.

How to Dispute Invalid Code 22s

Supporting Documentation:

  • Freight bill showing that the number of cases shipped is equivalent to the number of cases invoiced. Collect suppliers should provide the signed BOL (Bill of Lading). The Purchase Order number must be clearly listed on this document. Prepaid suppliers should provide the signed POD (Proof of Delivery) including a signed gate stamp (dropship trailer stamp) when applicable. The Purchase Order number must be clearly listed on this document.

  • Invoice (EDI 810) showing correct quantities invoiced

  • Purchase order (EDI 850) showing ordered quantities (optional)

  • Alternatively, pull an inventory receipt report from Decision Support System (DSS) in Retail Link to verify how much product Walmart's system says was received. If your dispute with shipping documents is denied but there is evidence in DSS that a PO was received into the system upon arrival, then it can be disputed again with a copy of the DSS report as proof.

1-click disputes. Just like that. Get started.

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