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Code 44: Freight on Returned Merchandise/Returned Goods

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What is Deduction Code 44?

Code 44s are specifically for the freight charges for returned merchandise. These charges are the supplier’s liability if the supplier agreement states that the supplier will pay for shipping for returned goods. If your supplier agreement allows for merchandise to be returned then the freight charges are considered valid by Walmart. If your supplier agreement does not allow for freight to be returned then the claim is invalid and should be disputed with the Returns Center.

How to Prevent Valid Code 44s

  • Since 44s are for the freight charges on returned goods, focus on reducing customer returns to reduce the occurrence of 44s.

Can Code 44s be Disputed?

Yes, you can dispute code 44s individually if your supplier agreement does not allow for returns to be shipped back to the supplier. In this case, you can dispute by proving that a return should not have been shipped to you in the first place. Dispute through your buyer.

Otherwise, dispute the code 44 with the invalid return code that caused it.

How to Dispute Invalid Code 44s

Through your buyer, dispute code 44s along with the return that led to the handling charges OR individually by proving your OSA states to not return product.

Supporting Documentation:

  • Proof that the return generating the handling charges was invalid


  • If disputing because your merchandise should not be returned, then provide the supplier agreement showing that the merchandise should not be returned to the supplier

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