A New Supplier's Guide To Retail Data

Our retail data experts go over Walmart’s supply chain standards and help you understand the basic replenishment and sales metrics that buyers are looking for.


  • Melodie Hays

    Melodie Hays

    VP of SupplierWiki

    Melodie leads the education efforts at SupplyPike – being the creator of SupplierWiki, she has written articles, facilitated webinars, and developed the site.

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  • Stacy Tan

    Stacy Tan

    SVP of Retail Insights

    Stacy is the SVP of Retail Insights for SupplyPike. She brings a decade of knowledge and experience working directly with Walmart merchandising teams.

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A New Supplier's Guide to Retail Data

Access A New Suppliers Guide to Retail Data Slide Deck and learn about supply chain standards and analytics of replenishment and sales.


Walmart Deduction Codes Explained Guide

There are over 50 deduction codes that can go on Walmart invoices. Download this ebook containing all of the Walmart deduction codes.


Walmart Sales & Replenishment Trends 2020 Report

We analyzed sales and instock data from over 200 Walmart suppliers over the course of 2020 and compiled our analysis in this report.


Walmart 2022 Calendar

Stop worrying about which Walmart date is what with this free 2022-2023 Calendar. Download the printable calendar, ready for your desktop!

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