The Guide to Walmart Marketplace

The Guide to Walmart Marketplace

Shipping, promotions, and more for Marketplace suppliers

  • The Guide to Walmart Marketplace

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  • Three Pros and Cons of Selling on Walmart Marketplace


    Get to know the pros and cons of selling on Walmart Marketplace. Factors such as your brand, products, and prices will determine your success.

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  • Advantages of Selling Online


    Learn about the benefits and advantages of e-commerce and selling online, either on a site you maintain or on a marketplace.

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  • Getting to Know Walmart’s Referral Fee


    Learn what it’s like to sell on Walmart Marketplace, including the referral fees associated with each product category and how to get paid.

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  • Shipping on Walmart Marketplace


    Learn about what options you have as a Seller on Walmart Marketplace for shipping, as well as what standards you must adhere to.

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  • How to Become a Walmart Dropship Vendor


    Learn the basics of becoming a Walmart Dropship Vendor, including the benefits and drawbacks of the program and alternatives.

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  • Writing Your Item Information


    Need help writing your item information? In this guide, we go over best practices for writing the perfect product page.

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Walmart Marketplace Promotions


    Learn about the ins and outs of Walmart Marketplace promotions in this ultimate guide. Learn about campaigns and metrics to watch.

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  • Dropship Vendor Program Standards


    Learn about the performance standards and requirements for Walmart's dropship vendor program, inculding tips and tricks to being successful.

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