Managing Inventory and Warehousing

Managing Inventory and Warehousing

Discussing inventory strategies and warehousing options.

  • Managing Inventory and Warehousing

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  • What Are the Five Types of Inventory?


    What are the five types of inventory? We go over the different types of inventory or stock that businesses use in their processes.

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  • What Are the Different Item Codes?


    What are the different item codes? These include GTIN-14, UPCs, SKUs, EANs, and others. We explain them and how to use them.

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  • What Is Aggregate Inventory Management?


    What is aggregate inventory management? In this article, learn about aggregate inventory management, the benefits, and how to implement it.

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  • What Is Vendor Managed Inventory?


    What is Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)? Learn about VMI, how it benefits both retailers and suppliers, and implementing it.

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  • What Is Cross-Docking?


    Have you heard of cross-docking? We go over the types of cross-docking, the benefits and drawbacks, and who should use it.

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  • What Is Stock Control?


    What is stock control (AKA inventory control)? Learn about the various methods of stock control, pros and cons, and implementing it.

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  • What is TI/HI?


    In the warehousing world, you may have heard the term TI/HI or Tie-High. This common logistics term refers to pallet stacking.

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  • What Are the Different Segments of a Barcode?


    What are the different segments of a barcode? How are barcodes used? What is the anatomy of a barcode? We dive into this and more.

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  • How to Improve On-Shelf Availability


    Learn how to improve your on-shelf availability, measure your in-stocks, and prepare for surpluses and promotions.

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  • Measuring On-Shelf Availability


    Learn how modern vendors and retailers are measuring on-shelf availability (OSA) so that products are always there for the consumer.

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  • SKU Rationalization


    SKU rationalization is the procedure of deciding whether you should retain or suspend a product. It is a thorough cleanup of your inventory.

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  • ABC Analysis & How Walmart Applies It to Its Inventory


    Which products, customers, or purchased parts are the largest contributors to your company’s success? Use ABC analysis to find out.

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  • Backorders And Their Effect On Supply Chain


    Backorders are the process of giving your customers the facility of placing orders even when you have insufficient stock.

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  • Procurement Best Practices


    Procurement touches every aspect of a supplier's business. See the benefits of a procurement process and the top five best practices.

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  • When To Do SSOs (Store-Specific Orders)


    A Store-Specific Order is needed to combat unexpected store out-of-stocks. It can also be used to stock stores in anticipation of special events.

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