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Shawn is the Retail Insights Manager for Amazon at SupplyPike. His experience supporting 1P brands at Amazon helps our teams build a quality product for our customers.

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Industry expertise written by Shawn Oleson

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Amazon’s Provisional Co-Op Rates and Deductions

Amazon uses provisional Co-Op rates to seamlessly offer suppliers' products to customers, covering MDF, damage allowance, and freight costs.

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How to Dispute Amazon Co-Op Deductions

Manage Amazon Co-Op deductions: Regularly audit, dispute discrepancies, and follow best practices. Learn dispute procedures and preventative measures.

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Essential Amazon Co-Op Accounting Numbers

Maximize Amazon Co-Op value: Understand key accounting numbers—invoice, agreement, ASIN, and first 4 digits.

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What Are Amazon’s Compliance Chargebacks?

Amazon's compliance chargebacks impact supplier revenue. Issues include PO problems, ASN accuracy, and packaging.

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How to Dispute an Amazon Chargeback

Learn about chargeback research and disputing at a high level, five common chargeback issue types, how to dispute them, and how to avoid them.

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How Amazon's Receive Process Impacts Suppliers

Discover how Amazon's highly automated receive process impacts suppliers and requires precise compliance.

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