Amazon Shortages and Price Claims

Amazon Shortages and Price Claims

Learn about Amazon shortage deduction prevention, dispute tactics, and navigating valid/invalid price claims like a pro in this 1-hour webinar with SupplierWiki’s experts!


  • 2024-03-28

  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST

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Join SupplyPike experts, Shawn Oleson and Allie Truong, as they navigate Amazon shortages and price claims in this 1-hour webinar.

Learn how to proactively avoid shortage deductions and dispute them effectively, while also gaining insights into navigating valid and invalid price claims. Don't miss out on a live Q&A session at the end!


  • Shawn Oleson

    Shawn Oleson

    Retail Insights Manager

    Shawn is the Retail Insights Manager for Amazon at SupplyPike. His experience supporting 1P brands at Amazon helps our teams build a quality product for our customers.

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  • Allie Welsh-Truong

    Allie Welsh-Truong

    Lead SupplierWiki Researcher

    Allie Welsh-Truong is an NWA native with a background in the CPG industry. As Lead Content Coordinator, she develops and executes SupplierWiki's content strategy.

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Amazon Shortages and Price Claims

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