Essential Amazon Co-Op Accounting Numbers

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Some Amazon suppliers struggle to maximize the value of Amazon Co-Op. For some suppliers Co-Op deductions even become a point of revenue loss. Awareness of accounting numbers is important for getting the most out of the program and making sure that it doesn't become a problem area. 

These are some common accounting numbers for invoices, agreements, and product identification essential for supplier participation in the Co-Op program.

Invoice NumberInvoice numbers are listed on the top of your invoice and within your payment remittance.
Agreement NumberAgreement numbers are listed on the upper right side of your invoice as well as before the invoice number within the description line of a deduction.
ASINASIN is the Amazon Standard Identification Number. Each product sold on Amazon must have its own unique ASIN.
First 4 Digits of Invoice NumberThe first 4 digits represent the product line. For example, 1000 = Books.

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