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Tim has been in the Walmart supplier community for over 15 years. His expertise is in Consulting, Business Analytics, and Retail Link for Walmart suppliers.

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Trend Results

Established in 2007, Trend Results is a full-service Consulting, Business Intelligence, and Retail Link Training firm specializing in Walmart suppliers throughout the United States and Canada.

Our team consists of former Walmart suppliers and retail professionals with over 16 years of combined experience calling on Walmart and Sam's Club.

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Top Metrics All Walmart Suppliers Should Watch Every Monday Morning

What are the top metrics all Walmart Suppliers should watch every Monday Morning? Check out what needs to go on your weekly report.

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PO Maintenance Within NOVA

Learn about changing and canceling Walmart purchase orders using PO Maintenance within NOVA, an app in Retail Link for suppliers.

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PO Creation Within NOVA

Learn about manual PO Creation within NOVA, Walmart’s purchase order management app in Retail Link, and the results of the upload.

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Introduction to Walmart’s NOVA PO Management

In this introduction to Walmart’s NOVA PO management, we go over the Retail Link app and how suppliers can use it to manage POs.

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Analyzing Store of the Community Demographics

You've done your segmentation analysis. Now you need to learn about analyzing your Store of the Community demographics in Retail Link.

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Navigating the Walmart Supplier Performance Scorecard

Need help navigating the Walmart Supplier Performance Scorecard? Look no further! We show you how to run the DSS report and read it.

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Review of SupplyPike’s Walmart Sales and Replenishment Trends Report

Read a review of SupplyPike’s Walmart Sales and Replenishment Trends 2020 Report by Tim Carey of Trend Results.

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How Do I Do Segmentation Analysis in Retail Link?

Did you know you can perform segmentation analysis in Retail Link using Decision Support? This report can show you inventory anomalies.

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Finding Root Causes of Replenishment Issues

Poor replenishment can be detrimental to sales. Walmart has an app in Retail Link for finding root causes of replenishment issues.

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How to Create a Demand Plan in Retail Link

Learn how to create a demand plan in Retail Link DSS with this step-by-step guide, including calculating target weeks of supply.

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How Do I View My Instocks in Retail Link?

To be successful at Walmart, you'll need to view your instocks in Retail Link weekly and on a historic basis. Here's how to view your instocks!

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Replenishment 301: Avoiding Out-of-Stocks

We continue our Replenishment Boot Camp with Replenishment 301: Avoiding Out-of-Stocks. Learn how to pull your forecasts in DSS.

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Managing Owned Inventory for Walmart.com

With Walmart's push for omnichannel, owned suppliers need to learn about managing inventory for Walmart.com. We go over the Retail Link report.

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Managing Online Dropship Vendor Inventory

DSV suppliers need to know about managing online Dropship Vendor inventory for Walmart.com. In this article, we go over the Supplier Center report.

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GMROII: Combining Sales, Profitability, and Asset Efficiency

Learn about the different metrics that go into GMROII: sales volume, profitability, and asset efficiency and how to track each KPI.

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Walmart Freight Terms: Prepaid vs. Collect

Walmart suppliers choosing between Collect and Prepaid shipping have a lot of factors to consider. Pick the best freight option for your bottom line.

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