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Walmart is making significant adjustments to its On Time and In Full (OTIF) program for Walmart U.S Stores, shaking up supplier expectations. Effective February 1st, 2024, the retail giant has set new targets, diverging from the previous benchmarks where suppliers were held to a 98% goal for On Time and In Full delivery.

Walmart's new monthly OTIF goals that suppliers are responsible for are as follows:

  • On-Time: 

    • Prepaid On-Time: 90% of all cases delivered arrive on time at the distribution center.

      • This goal includes Less than Truckload (LTL), Full Truckload, and Mix of Full Truckload and Less Than Truckload.

      • In other words, Walmart expects all Prepaid orders to fall within this goal.

    • Collect Ready: 98% of all cases are ready for pick up by the appointment time.

      • Walmart does not expect Collect Ready suppliers to deliver the order on time to the DC or store. These orders fall into Walmart's accountability bucket.

      • The supplier must make sure that Walmart can pick up the entire order by the appointment time.

  • In-Full: 

    • A 95% In-Full goal is applied individually to each Merchandise Alignment: 

      • Food

      • Consumables

      • Health and Wellness

      • Apparel

      • Home

      • Hardlines

      • Entertainment Toys 

      • Seasonal

For more on this, check out our Why is OTIF Important? blog post.

OTIF Compliance Issues: On Time 

On Time compliance issues for Prepaid are for times where you manage the freight. In these instances, you own the On Time accountability.

Prepaid Early Delivery

Cases on an order are designated "Prepaid Early Delivery" if the cases were delivered to the distribution center (DC) before the Must Arrive By Date (MABD) window. Early deliveries can be bad because they cause congestion in Walmart's DCs and can actually result in the order arriving late to the store.

Prepaid Late Delivery

Cases on an order are designated "Prepaid Late Delivery" if the cases were delivered to the DC after the MABD window. Late deliveries can be bad because they can cause replenishment and stocking issues. You want to make sure that your product is always stocked and having on time deliveries will help with that.

Prepaid Unscheduled Appointment

Cases on an order are designated "Prepaid Unscheduled Appointment" when the cases arrive on a truck at the DC without a delivery appointment. Because the shipment did not have a delivery appointment, the Pro date will be considered the Arrival Compliance Date. This Pro date represents when shipping documentation is processed and may be days after the actual goods arrive. Scheduling DC appointments is something typically done by you or your carrier/3PL. Scheduled appointments are important so that the DCs know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

For more information on MABD windows, check out our OTIF -- How To Meet Delivery Appointments article.

OTIF Compliance Issues: Collect Ready

Collect Ready orders are instances where Walmart or a third party is in charge of picking up the order. Some compliance issues for Collect Ready orders go into the supplier's accountability bucket, while others are owned by Walmart. Here are the ones that are the supplier's accountability.

Supplier Ship Point

The "Supplier Ship Point" bucket occurs when an order fails to be Collect Ready because the assigned carrier could not secure the load in a timely manner due to an issue caused by the supplier. This is based on a carrier EDI transmission reason code of "Held by Shipper". 

This means that the carrier was not able to secure the product upon the pickup attempt due to a supplier-caused issue. For example, the facility may have been closed, there may have been too many trucks in line to pick up shipments, or the product simply wasn't ready. In order to avoid accountability, you are required to submit a ticket to Walmart Transportation if a carrier does not show up for a pickup appointment. Either way, this compliance issue will count against your OTIF score.

Late Transport Notification

You will see a "Late Transport Notification" if the Request for Routing was not completed in a timely manner. Requests for Routing should be submitted by 4:00 PM CST the day after receiving the order.

This means that the supplier failed to submit a request for routing by 4:00 PM CST the day after the PO was submitted by Walmart. This includes weekend days, so be sure that you're able to route all POs the day of, and the day after, any of your order review days of the week. Order Review Days are the days of the week that you've told Walmart you can receive POs on. 

For manual orders, the expectation is to key the request 30 days prior to the MABD. If the order is received less than 30 days prior to MABD, the expectation is to key the routing request by 4:00 PM CST the day after receiving the order.

Specifically for D94 (Produce) items, System and Manual PO routing requests should be submitted at least two days prior to the ship-on day. If the order is received less than two days prior to the ship-on day, the expectation is to key the routing request on the day the order was received.

OTIF Compliance Issues: In Full

In-Full metrics measure the number of cases ordered against the number of cases delivered.

Not In-Full

An order is considered "Not in Full" if the number of cases received was less than the number of cases ordered per PO line. System-generated orders are measured against the original order quantity. Manual orders are measured against the adjusted order quantity.

This means cases were not delivered to the destination as ordered. If a supplier cancels an entire PO or individual PO lines, the cancellation information is available to review in OTIF. Canceling a PO or PO line can be helpful as opposed to just not fulfilling an order with Walmart so that you can differentiate canceled POs on Not In Full issues from POs where you did not expect to be short. 

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