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Jessica is SupplyPike's Senior Retail Insights Manager. Her industry expertise helps our teams build the best experience for our clients.

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Industry expertise written by Jessica Varon

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Shortage Claims at Amazon

Shortage claims are the most common form of deduction that retail suppliers at Amazon face. Learn how to dispute invalid ones here!

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Building A NextGen Revenue Recovery Team

Learn how other teams optimize revenue recovery. Prioritize risk management for maximum profitability and efficiency.

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What Are Revenue Recovery Metrics?

Discover Revenue Recovery Metrics: Boost profitability with KPIs for managing deductions, disputes, and more.

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What Is Root Cause Analysis For Retail Deductions?

Unlock the power of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for retail deductions. Discover 5 techniques to prevent recurring issues and boost profitability.

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3 Reasons Connecting With Target's Supplier Performance Management Team Can Help Your Business

Connecting with Target's SPM boosts compliance, supply chain efficiency, and reduces On Time Fill Rates impacts for suppliers.

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Target Compliance Policy Update

Target has recently announced that there will be an update to their Compliance Policy Standard, effective August 4, 2024.

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Target Compliance Glossary 

Target’s Compliance Policy includes a glossary of basic compliance terms. Some pertinent terms have been compiled here to help Target suppliers.

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Effective Compliance Strategies for Target's On-Time and In-Full Program

In this article, we'll outline some best practices and strategies to help suppliers stay on top of Target's Compliance Policy Updates.

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Target’s SPM Team Announces Collect Compliance Fines Through ShipIQ

The Target SPM team announced that collect suppliers will begin to see compliance fines in ShipIQ as of August 4, 2024.

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