Forecasting and Planning

Forecasting and Planning

Learn about sales forecasts, insights, and demand and supply plans

  • Forecasting and Planning

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  • Demand Planning


    Demand planning tells you how much inventory you can expect to sell. It helps identify potential expansions, as well as potential threats.

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  • What Is a Supply Plan?


    What is a supply plan? How can it help you maintain a well-oiled supply chain? How do you calculate a good supply plan?

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  • Understanding Demand Sensing


    Understanding demand sensing can lead to a smooth, well-oiled supply chain for even the most desired products. Forecasting is a must.

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  • How to Create a Demand Plan in Retail Link


    Learn how to create a demand plan in Retail Link DSS with this step-by-step guide, including calculating target weeks of supply.

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  • How to Plan Production Around Chinese New Year


    Want to learn how to plan production around Chinese New Year? We go over some forecasting tips to make sure you can meet demand.

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  • How Does Demand Sensing Work?


    How does demand sensing work? Here are some methods for integrating and making the most of demand sensing and forecasts.

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  • The Bullwhip Effect and How to Prevent It


    What is the bullwhip effect in supply chain? How do you prevent it? It is a fault that gives rise to artificial supply and demand ups and downs.

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  • What is the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)?


    What is Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)? How is the EOQ calculated? How does it impact inventory and retail orders?

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  • Demand Sensing in the Walmart Supply Chain


    What is demand sensing in supply chain? How does Walmart use it to maintain inventory, even in the face of crises like COVID-19?

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