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In his 30+ year career, Kevin has led and optimized global logistics teams for Walmart Stores Inc., Dollar General, Hasbro, and JB Hunt Transport.

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KP Global Logistics Consulting

KP Global Logistics Consulting was founded to help small to mid-sized businesses optimize their global logistics supply chain networks. The approach at KP Global Logistics is simple – rely on the lessons learned from decades of experience and prioritize ethical business practices for sustainable, long-term results. The core elements found throughout KP Global Logistics consulting are an emphasis on social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and universal ethics.

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Red Sea/Suez Canal Crisis Disrupts Global Logistics

Explore the Suez Canal crisis's global impact on logistics, shipping disruptions, and strategies for resilient supply chain management.

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What is Supply Chain Resilience?

Learn about the importance of supply chain resilience to mitigate global disruptions and common vulnerabilities in global supply chains.

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