SupplyTry - A SupplyPike Training: Deductions Navigator

SupplyTry - A SupplyPike Training: Deductions Navigator

Deductions Navigator makes disputing retailer fines effortless. Learn more about the magical disputing features in the 1-hour in-app tutorial with SupplyPike's Krista and David.


  • 2022-10-05

  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CST

  • Free

  • SupplyPike

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Deductions Navigator, SupplyPike’s AP deduction application, integrates your retailer deductions under one roof for painless disputing. SupplyPike’s experts, Krista Nicewarner and David Joseph, are guiding current customers and those interested in the product to getting the most out of Deductions Navigator. 

They’ll review how to dispute deductions at Target, Kroger, and Walmart in Deductions Navigator. Join our team at SupplyPike for a no-cost webinar centered around our retailer deductions solution.


  • Krista Nicewarner

    Krista Nicewarner

    VP of Customer Success

    As the VP of Customer Success, Krista leads onboarding, support, and customer education efforts to ensure customers are successful with SupplyPike applications.

  • David Joseph

    David Joseph

    Customer Success Manager

    David brings a wealth of Walmart knowledge and expertise from 2+ years of experience working as a Replenishment Manager.

SupplyTry - A SupplyPike Training: Deductions Navigator

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About Deductions Navigator

Get insights to prevent valid retailer deductions and automatically dispute invalid ones. SupplyPike Deductions Navigator creates a 360° view of your deductions by aggregating relevant information in one place so you know what happened and why.

Deductions Navigator


Deductions Navigator

SupplyPike helps you fight deductions, increase in-stocks, and meet OTIF goals in the built-for-you platform, powered by machine learning.