Short Shipping Deductions

Short Shipping Deductions

The most common deductions across all retailers come from shortages, which are often invalid. Learn from our expert team what causes shortages and how to avoid them.


  • 2024-07-11

  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST

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The most common deductions come from shortages – and are often invalid. Learn from our knowledgeable team about how shortage deductions can happen at any major retailer. This one-hour session will focus on avoiding short shipping and spotting invalid shortage claims at Walmart, Amazon, Target, and Kroger.


  • Melodie Hays

    Melodie Hays

    VP of SupplierWiki

    Melodie leads the education efforts at SupplyPike – being the creator of SupplierWiki, she has written articles, facilitated webinars, and developed the site.

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  • Danielle Gloy

    Danielle Gloy

    SupplierWiki Researcher

    Danielle is a Content Coordinator at SupplyPike. Her supply chain degree helps inform her research and writing on SupplierWiki

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Short Shipping Deductions

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