Navigating NOVA 201

Navigating NOVA 201

Staring into space trying to figure out Walmart’s NOVA? Join our Retail Link specialists, Melodie and Stacy, to learn how to use this Purchase Order management tool like a star!


  • 2022-10-06

  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST

  • Free

  • SupplyPike

Learn How

The NOVA application (New Order Validation and Approval) inside Walmart’s Retail Link Platform enables suppliers to create, edit, or cancel orders. The goal is to simplify POs for accurate replenishment and fewer compliance fines. 

This free, hour-long webinar aims to when using NOVA and answer frequently asked questions. We will cover the functions of NOVA from a strategic perspective for Walmart Suppliers.  


  • Stacy Tan

    Stacy Tan

    VP of Retail Insights

    Stacy is the VP of Retail Insights for SupplyPike. She brings a decade of knowledge and experience working directly with Walmart merchandising teams.

  • Allie Welsh-Truong

    Allie Welsh-Truong

    Lead Content Coordinator

    Allie is the Content Coordinator for SupplyPike. She leverages her CPG background when creating educational content for suppliers.

Navigating NOVA 201

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