Item 360 201

Item 360 201

Ready to take your Item 360 skills to the next level? Join Allie and Danielle in this 1-hour webinar for tips and techniques in item editing, maintenance, and packaging precision.


  • 2024-02-27

  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST

  • Free

  • SupplyPike

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In this 1-hour webinar, attendees will deepen their knowledge of the platform and learn advanced techniques to navigate it like a pro. Join the SupplierWiki team as they navigate item editing and maintenance and provide practical tips and best practices for data integrity and packaging accuracy!


  • Allie Welsh-Truong

    Allie Welsh-Truong

    Lead SupplierWiki Researcher

    Allie Welsh-Truong is an NWA native with a background in the CPG industry. As Lead Content Coordinator, she develops and executes SupplierWiki's content strategy.

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  • Danielle Gloy

    Danielle Gloy

    SupplierWiki Researcher

    Danielle is a Content Coordinator at SupplyPike. Her supply chain degree helps inform her research and writing on SupplierWiki

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Item 360 201

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