All About Walmart’s APDP App

All About Walmart’s APDP App

Walmart’s Accounts Payable Disputes Portal (APDP) is the app for deductions disputes. Join the SupplyPike team to learn how to navigate the APDP app like a pro.


  • 2023-05-16

  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST

  • Free

  • SupplyPike

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Walmart’s Accounts Payable Dispute Portal, APDP, allows suppliers to dispute AP deductions. With Walmart ending its settlement disputing program, APDP will become a much bigger part of suppliers’ business than it was before. 

During this hour-long session, our team will cover how to make disputing claims and invoices a breeze! 


  • Stacy Tan

    Stacy Tan

    VP of Retail Insights

    Stacy is the VP of Retail Insights for SupplyPike. She brings a decade of knowledge and experience working directly with Walmart merchandising teams.

  • Peter Spaulding

    Peter Spaulding

    Jr. Content Coordinator

    Peter is a Jr. Content Coordinator at SupplyPike. His background in academia helps to detail his research in retail supply chains.

All About Walmart’s APDP App

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