"Wrong Pack" Defect

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What is the "Wrong Pack" Defect at Walmart? 

The "Wrong Pack" defect belongs to Phase 1 of SQEP: the initiative to improve PO Accuracy for Walmart suppliers. In the updated Secondary Packaging Supply Chain Standards (SPSCS '23), Walmart defines the "Wrong Pack" defect as "Vendor pack quantity shipped does not match vendor pack quantity on PO."

How to Prevent Valid "Wrong Pack" Defects

"Wrong Pack" defects are best avoided by having clearly labeled and color coordinated packaging. The Pack Types section on pages 210-211 of the SPSCS '23 will be helpful for understanding the level of detail needed for fully compliant shipping.

Note: these page numbers are the ones at the top of each page in the SPSCS '23, not necessarily the PDFs page numbers.

"Wrong Pack" defects are often the result of miscommunication somewhere between the PO and the arrival of the shipment. They are often also connected to other fines and deductions (overages, shortages, Code 25s), so they should be watched closely and, when possible, collated with their partner fines. 

Can the "Wrong Pack" Defect be Disputed? 

Yes, in HighRadius, just like all other compliance fine disputes at Walmart. 

How to Dispute "Wrong Pack" Defects 

In order to successfully dispute an invalid "Wrong Pack" defect, the supplier will need some or all of the following documents:

  • A copy of your ASN that was sent to Walmart

  • Within the ASN, the BSN-02 Shipment Identification field, which contains a unique identifier of the shipment that the ASN was related to.

For any SQEP dispute, the columns for PO Number, Ticket Number, Item Number, and Defect Type need to be filled out. When filing a dispute, fill in the information for "Dispute Reason," "Amount to be Disputed," "Comments" (if applicable), and "Attachment" (for relevant documents).

Disputes can also be monitored and updated in HighRadius under the "Disputes" tab. 

More SQEP: Continued Learning and Our Solution

For an exhaustive resource on all things related to SQEP compliance, download our SQEP Handbook.

If you would like more insight into your SQEP performance and a way to quickly and painlessly dispute invalid SQEP fines, schedule a meeting with a member of the SupplyPike team today!

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