Target Compliance Glossary 

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Target's Compliance Policy Guide includes a glossary of basic compliance terms. Some of the most pertinent terms have been compiled here in alphabetical order to help Target suppliers in compliance.

This list can be used a reference guide:

Chargeback: Deduction made by the system when a violation remains unresolved at the end of its two-week cycle. Chargebacks occur if Exemption/Exceptions are not applied. Suppliers can dispute chargebacks through Synergy.

Docklink: System for scheduling product deliveries to Target's FDCs by Prepaid/They Pay Suppliers. Only carriers have access as they possess a unique SCAC code.

Exception: Proactive removal of invalid violations by the SPM Team to prevent chargebacks. For instance, exceptions can be made in the case of natural disasters hindering deliveries.

Exemption: Reactive removal of invalid violations before deductions. Suppliers initiate exemption requests for OTS and FR charges, which are executed by the SPM Team.

On Time Arrival (Prepaid/They Pay): Indicates Supplier pays for goods movement to Target DC from Supplier's facilities.

On Time Release & Supplier Pickup Adherence (Collect/We Pay): Signifies Target pays for goods movement from Supplier's facilities to Target/consolidators via ShipIQ.

On Time Ship (Collect/We Pay): Indicates Target pays for goods movement from Supplier's facilities to Target/consolidators via VRS.

Partners Online (POL): POL is part of an integrated agreement between Target and Supplier that is binding with respect to all business conducted between Target and Supplier.

  • POL includes (not limited to):

  • Terms and conditions for doing business with Target

  • Communication policies and procedural changes to certain Target requirements and processes

  • Reporting tools to analyze Supplier business

  • Portals to Target applications and systems

Reports: Tools for analyzing Supplier business and access to Target applications/systems.

Ryder: Appointment scheduling system for Prepaid/They Pay Suppliers delivering to Target's DCs. Accessible only to carriers with a unique SCAC code.

ShipIQ: Web-based system for communication of freight details by Suppliers. Provides Target with shipping information and network routing.

SPM Dashboard (SPMD) -- PO Supplier Performance Reports: Reporting suite within Greenfield for monitoring purchase orders' performance and compliance data. Accessed through Partners Online.

Supplier: Vendor partners collaborating with Target to provide goods and improve retail practices.

Synergy (SVD): Web portal via Partners Online for Suppliers to submit and monitor disputes electronically, with supporting documentation required.

Terms and conditions for doing business with Target: Communication of policies and procedural changes regarding Target requirements.

Violation: System-generated compliance assessment, active for two weeks. The violation amount is calculated based on late deliveries or non-receipt of goods.

VRS (Vendor Ready to Ship): Web-based system for Suppliers to communicate readiness to ship freight to Target, providing shipping and routing information.

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