SupplyPike Expands to Home Depot, Empowering Suppliers with Enhanced Deduction Management

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Rogers, AR – SupplyPike, a tech startup in Northwest Arkansas serving retail suppliers, is pleased to announce their new product, SupplyPike for Home Depot. This new product has just been released to empower Home Depot suppliers to identify retailer deductions automatically and streamline dispute resolution.

The average Home Depot supplier loses 2% of their invoices to chargebacks, and It takes 25 minutes to dispute each one. To dispute chargebacks successfully, Home Depot imposes strict rules for documentation for their suppliers, which can be time-consuming to complete manually. Suppliers often leave deductions undisputed due to the lengthy and manual process Home Depot requires to dispute in their supplier portal, Supplier Hub. This results in suppliers being paid less than they have earned. There needed to be a solution to help Home Depot suppliers recover revenue, as seen with other major retailers such as Walmart and Amazon. The gap in the industry was a massive motivation for SupplyPike to expand their product to assist Home Depot suppliers.

With the help of SupplyPike, Home Depot suppliers can now gain complete deduction visibility into their shortages, pricing discrepancies, and retail insights. Suppliers can resolve deduction disputes in seconds with SupplyPike's 1-click disputing feature. With seamless integration with Home Depot's Supplier Hub, suppliers can submit disputes with proof documents automatically collected and attached for a successful dispute. SupplyPike aims to empower suppliers to go after every penny owed and minimize revenue loss tailored to Home Depot's expectations.

SupplyPike for Home Depot marks a pivotal moment in the journey to revolutionize how suppliers navigate and overcome challenges in the retail landscape. "By expanding our retail reach, we demonstrate our commitment to growth. This marks a pivotal moment in pursuing innovation and market leadership as we dive into revenue recovery in the home improvement space," Product Manager Annalee Foley says. "We're excited to empower suppliers with enhanced tools for disputing deductions, all while gaining comprehensive insight into deductions at Home Depot."

Take a deeper dive into Home Depot with our retail experts, Annalee Foley and Allie Welsh-Truong, on April 16th at 11:00 AM in the free SupplierWiki webinar, Invoice Matching and POD Invoices at Home Depot. For more retail supplier resources, visit our free online knowledge base, SupplierWiki.

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