"Pallet Build: Exceeds Max Height for Trailer Type" Defect

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What is "Pallet Build" at Walmart? 

Pallet compliance is one part of SQEP's Phase 3 program, the others being Load and Packaging compliance.

In the updated Secondary Packaging Supply Chain Standards (SPSCS '23), Walmart defines "Pallet Build" as "Pallet overhang, excessive height, or other pallet build defects." For more specific direction on how to stay compliant with pallet standards, see pages 230-234 of the SPSCS '23.

Note: these page numbers are the ones at the top of each page in the SPSCS '23, not necessarily the PDFs page numbers. 

What is the "Pallet Build: Exceeds Max Height for Trailer Type" Defect? 

"Pallet Build" is broken up into three sub-defects: "Pallet Overhang," "Exceeds Max Height for Trailer Type," and "Inaccurate Ti." "Pallet Build: Exceeds Max Height for Trailer Type" is defined as "Freight exceeds maximum allowable height for trailer type." (190).

Pallet Build.png

Pages 236-247 of the SPSCS '23 will contain the most relevant information for this defect.

Regardless of single or double stacking pallets:

  • 96" is the maximum pallet height allowed when shipping to Walmart.

  • 85" is the maximum height when shipping a full pallet pull.

  • Dept 4 Consumer Paper Goods allows maximum pallet height of 108", single or double stacked.

  • When shipping into the eCommerce network, common slot sizes are 50", 70", and 108" in height. It may help to consider how your pallet height fits within these slots.

Other parts of the SPSCS '23 with relevance to correct pallet compliance are:

  • Pallet Labeling - Perishable Labeling Requirements: 303

  • Pallet Labeling - General Merchandise: 206-210

  • Pallet Labeling - Direct Import: 276-283

  • Pallet Securement - Stretch Wrap: 229

  • Pallet Securement - Unitized Shipments: 239

  • Pallet Build - Unitized Shipments: 225

  • Pallet Build - Double Stacking - Inbound to Walmart: 222

  • Pallet Build - Direct Import: 276-283

  • Pallet Quality - Pallet Standards: 216-219

How to Prevent Valid "Pallet Build: Exceeds Max Height for Trailer Type" Defects

The most important pages of the SPSCS '23 for avoiding this defect are 236, 238-247, pages 245-247 especially. 

Can the "Pallet Build: Exceeds Max Height for Trailer Type" Defect be Disputed? 

Yes, in HighRadius, just like all other compliance fine disputes at Walmart. 

How to Dispute "Pallet Build: Exceeds Max Height for Trailer Type" Defects 

If the fine is invalid, assign the FIXit ticket back to Walmart with the dispute reason. Sometimes FIXit tickets will disappear after this, if the dispute reason is valid and Walmart accepts it. Even still, it's a good idea to follow up in HighRadius with the ticket number to make sure that the charge disappears as well.

As always, attach any proof documentation to further validate the dispute reason. When filing a dispute, fill in the information for "Dispute Reason," "Amount to be Disputed," "Comments" (if applicable), and "Attachment" (for relevant documents). In the case of pallet compliance, the photos attached to tickets in FIXit will likely be essential to (1) knowing if the fine is valid in the first place (2) and for making a convincing case when the fine actually is invalid.

For the "Pallet Build: Exceeds max Height for Trailer Type" defect, the pictures attached to tickets in the FIXit app will be important for successfully overturning invalid disputes.

Disputes can also be monitored and updated in HighRadius under the "Disputes" tab. 

More SQEP: Continued Learning and Our Solution

For an exhaustive resource on all things related to SQEP compliance, download our SQEP Handbook.

If you would like more insight into your SQEP performance and a way to quickly and painlessly dispute invalid SQEP fines, schedule a meeting with a member of the SupplyPike team today!

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