OTIF Updates And Requirements In 2019

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Walmart recently announced new OTIF updates for 2019. A significant change is that OTIF performance will be measured at the PO level and a 3% COGS penalty will be assessed on each non-compliant case.

Beginning May 2019, Walmart OTIF updates will take effect, measuring On-time case performance separate from In-full case performance. This stresses that suppliers will not be charged for On-time and In-full for the same case and that it would only impose one penalty per non-compliant case.

New In-Full Goals: Food Consumables = 97.5% & General Merch H&W (non-food) = 95%

New On-Time Goals:  Prepaid Full Truckload = 87%, Prepaid LTL = 70%, Collect = 95%

Precision is Walmart’s favorite word – and their new tightened OTIF updates and requirements reflect that.

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