Level Up Maximizes Dispute Win Rate Over 50x

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How it started:
33.33% win rate

How it’s going:
96.69% win rate

Level Up, a supplier sales and marketing firm, used SupplyPike’s Deductions Navigator to win back over 50 times more deductions disputes than before.

About Level Up

Level Up helps international suppliers bring their amazing products to the United States. The firm is there for Walmart suppliers from conceptualization to the shelf.

How It Started

Level Up’s client suffered from thousands of Walmart deductions, totaling millions of dollars. From February 2019 to December 2020, the company only disputed 81 deductions.

[We’d] go to multiple portals, going back to Retail Link, going back to our internal invoicing system, hitting up [however] many of our carriers happened to be involved and pulling all of that information together.

Karen Jackson, Sales Manager

How It’s Going

With Deductions Navigator, Level Up increase its client’s approval rate by 5,525.93%. Level Up also increased the number of claims twentyfold with fast, easy, 1-click disputes.

With SupplyPike, we’re able to do the deductions in less than a minute, if it even takes that long to go ahead and just hit dispute…. It takes actually about 10 seconds to submit it to Walmart.

Karen Jackson, Sales Manager

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