How To Dispute Walmart OTIF Chargebacks

Want in on a little secret? You can dispute Walmart On Time In Full (OTIF) chargebacks. Here’s some information on what you’ll need to do. Beware – it’s an uphill battle all the way.

What’s the difference between a deduction claim and an OTIF claim?

Deductions are commonly disputed through Direct Commerce and have specific adjustment codes stating what the issue was and why it was deducted. If you need help disputing regular deductions, see our How to Dispute Deductions blog post. 

OTIF fines, on the other hand, are general chargeback fees that occur separately from your invoicing process. Additionally, OTIF is a completely different department. Deductions are done through Walmart’s accounts payable department, whereas OTIF is its own separate team. They even use different portals. You dispute your deductions through Direct Commerce, but you must go to High Radius in Retail Link to dispute OTIF chargebacks.

Here’s the bad news. Deductions are relatively easy to dispute by uploading a few documents and submitting them to Walmart. (We make it even easier with our Deductions Navigator software.) They are addressed fairly quickly and the fees are returned within a month or so. OTIF disputes are far more difficult to prove. This causes the process to take a long time and to be an arduous journey. You will need to be in contact with Walmart frequently to push your dispute through. 

When is it possible to dispute OTIF fees?

First off, you need to make sure that you even have a case to dispute your OTIF fees. You’ll need to be Collect not Prepaid. Collect orders are shipments that Walmart comes to pick up themselves. Prepaid orders are shipped to Walmart by you.

One of two situations need to occur:

  • Walmart didn’t pick the shipment up on time
  • Walmart Freight didn’t drop the shipment off on time

You’ll need to be absolutely sure that the fault lies with Walmart. Analyze your OTIF data deeply and really drill down into the specifics. Make sure you work with all of your silos to find the true cause of your chargebacks. 

What steps do I take?

Be diligent and start the process right away if there are any changes to the load. You’ll need to escalate the issue to your SSM (Supplier Solutions Manager) and your Replenishment Manager (RM) within the OTIF supplier performance timing.

  1. Start a ticket right away and keep starting tickets each day until the load is picked up.
  2. Present the best possible case with credible backup documents.
  3. Reach out to your RM, who will put you in contact with a senior SSM and suggest a lead time audit.
  4. Keep good notes and start tickets on everything. Over communicate!

For approval, follow these steps:

  1. Submit your claim to GBS (Global Business Services), and ask assistance for payment. You can email them at
  2. Walmart accounts receivable back-up requests must be submitted through High Radius:
    1. Email with the following information:
      • Supplier Number(s) (Be sure to include US and Canada supplier numbers  – this is your 6 digit supplier number from your supplier agreement.)
      • Business Name(s)
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Email address – must be user specific, i.e. no group emails
      • Time zone
      • Business phone number
      • City
      • State
      • Zip code
      • Country
    2. High Radius is also available on Retail Link:
      • Retail Link ► Academy ► Quick Learning Topic ► Walmart ► Getting Paid ► Accounts Receivable-High Radius

These disputes are only applicable to any claim type tied to 7000*AR claims or 6500* paybacks, which include OTIF fines. 

How can SupplyPike help?

Navigating your Walmart OTIF score can be difficult, so SupplyPike has created a solution that takes the data and dissects it into easy to read metrics. Armed with this data, you can specifically call out such discrepancies where the data shows you might not be at fault.

Disputing OTIF chargebacks is definitely not easy, so our software offers insights into accountability, breaking your shipments into digestible KPIs. 

Getting started with SupplyPike is easy. Go to our SupplyPike OTIF page to sign up for a demo or free trial today!

Updated on July 1, 2020

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