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This list is organized according to the relative ubiquity of the terms, sorted from what are likely to be the most helpful for a wide variety of Home Depot suppliers to the most niche. We recommend using this tool in conjunction with a search function.

This is not an exhaustive list of all important Home Depot terms and acronyms. Rather, it’s a list of terms we have seen used a lot in a wide variety of supplier-facing, Home Depot documentation.

Supplier HubPortalN/AThe main portal for supplier education, action, and performance monitoring/reporting
Merch Payables Self-Service Portal US-ONLY - Supplier UserAppMP-SSPPrimary app to dispute AP deductions ; Direct Commerce
Merch Payables Self-Service Portal US-ONLY - Admin DiscountAppN/AA literal Copy of MP-SSP; cannot find a difference
Supplier Performance ManagementAppSPMCompliance App; Dispute compliance here
Vendor Rebates & Ad Coop StatementAppN/AShows contractual agreements against invoice amounts
Fill Rate Violations - SKU ListAppN/AJust a page with links to download compliance reports
On Time Vendor FeedbackAppN/AFeedback for vendors currently below on-time performance metrics
Dispute Tool - Direct Fulfillment OnlyAppN/AAllows vendors to dispute violations levied against them by Home Depot;
Supplier Compliance Metric PreviewAppN/APreviews metric changes being made to Advanced Ship Notice timeliness, RDC On-Time, DFC Fill-Rate, and DFC Expansion
Transportation Management SoftwareAppTMS TP&E 2014Transportation app for collect suppliers to schedule; possibly contains shipping and receiving data
ChargebacksTermN/AHow HD identifies AP Deductions
864 InvoiceInvoice Exception864EDI error transmitting invoice
Match Out of Tolerance InvoiceInvoice ExceptionMOTMatched invoice but with exceptions that may result in a short payment and a chargeback
No Match Found InvoiceInvoice ExceptionNMFInvoices awaiting receipt/keyrec; if not found, flips to POD Dispute
POD DisputeInvoice ExceptionPOD DisputeInvoice aged past due date without payment; missing keyrec
Open ItemsDownloadN/ADownload with Open Invoices including any deductions on the invoices
Dispute Package #TermCB####, POD####Unique identifier for a single or collection of deductions on a single invoice
KeyRec #TermN/AUnique identifier confirming receipt of goods
Chargeback InvoiceDispute TypeN/ASignifies an AP Deduction
Open Invoice with PODDispute TypeN/AUnpaid Invoice; POD Dispute; No KeyRec
Return to VendorDispute TypeN/AN/A
Package StatusStatusDraft, Open, ClosedOverarching status to a Dispute Package
Set up to PayStatusSPApproved status associated with decision on Dispute Package; unique to the deduction line item
Set up to Pay ExternalStatusSPEApproved status associated with decision on Dispute Package; unique to the deduction line item
Set up to Pay EditStatusN/AApproved
DeniedStatusDDenied Status associated with decision on Dispute Package; unique to the chargeback line item
Remittance CodeN/AN/A
*R followed by eight digits or just 8 digits with a document number type of OSRemittance CodeN/ARTV (Return to Vendor)
*A or A followed by a (seven or eight numeric digits) in the invoiceRemittance CodeN/APost AP Audits
AS followed by two numbers, a dash and four additional numbers (Ex. AS11-0009)Remittance CodeN/APost AP Audits
*FDDRemittance CodeN/AFlat Dollar Discount
*C, CA, 1-followed by eight digitsRemittance CodeN/ASF&I Installer deductions
*CSATRemittance CodeN/ACustomer Satisfaction
*P, DMR, MDAC, MDVR, begin with IC (US)Remittance CodeN/ADeductions related to Incremental Marketing
*ending in 19M, 20M, 21M or 22MRemittance CodeN/ATHD/Supplier Co-Op and Rebate Contracts
*beginning with DSERemittance CodeN/ADeductions that are contract-based supporting IT work and catalog updates for the vendor products
DTS, RDC, DQC, FLU followed by two digit fiscal month, two digit fiscal year, three character alpha-numeric codeRemittance CodeN/AViolations for RDC Compliance, DTS Compliance, Data Quality Compliance, Fluid Label Compliance, and Transportation Compliance.
TRAN followed by the one digit quarter, two digit fiscal year, and three or four alpha-numeric codeRemittance CodeN/AViolations for RDC Compliance, DTS Compliance, Data Quality Compliance, Fluid Label Compliance, and Transportation Compliance.
CBRIDxxxxx (Chargeback Repay ID)Remittance CodeN/AHome Services Deductions & Repayments
DB Transfer/DB ClearingRemittance CodeN/ADB transfer references a net balance due for a vendor under one company code that is transferred to another of their other company codes
DNU TransferRemittance CodeN/ADNU transfer - Do not use vendor number
PO=1SKUxxxxxx where xxxxxx is a SKU number.Remittance CodeN/AA deduction was taken directly at the SKU level due to inconsistency found during Inventory Reconciliation
RTVAllow-CB(#) (EX: RTVAllow-CB1)Remittance CodeN/ARLC Freight Allowance for use in THD's RLC facilities
SER (US)Remittance CodeN/ASocial & Environmental Responsibility Audit
RESETRemittance CodeN/AAgreed upon vendor funds that are to be utilized to execute capital projects in the stores
MMURemittance CodeN/AStatement Audit Credit Memo
THDXXX/REVXXXRemittance CodeN/AVendor Funded Merchandise Promotions
VMPROMORemittance CodeN/AReimbursement of Promotional Signage Costs
METXXXRemittance CodeN/AMET Project Funding
HDC (i.e. HDCxxxBrAdv)Remittance CodeN/AThe Brand Advocate program
SPCHXXXRemittance CodeN/ATransportation-related Credit Memos
8 digits ending in 99Remittance CodeN/AInternational Payables shortage
DSFR or DSV (ex: DSVTT, DSVOFR, DSVOOT)Remittance CodeN/AVendor Compliance Programs administered by the HD.COM Vendor Compliance Team
DSOMYYYYMM where YYYY and MM are fiscal year and fiscal monthRemittance CodeN/AHD.com VDF UPS Overmax fines
DFCRemittance CodeN/ADF compliance
VPERemittance CodeN/ACredit memos related to digital enrichments for HD.com
ST-Ops-Deduct, CSR, or CSPRemittance CodeN/AStore Operations Deductions
*APPL followed by two character alpha-numeric code for metric, two digit fiscal month, two digit fiscal yearRemittance CodeN/AViolations for Appliance Delivery Vendor Compliance Program.
PartnerAd-DeductRemittance CodeN/ASponsored Advertising with The Home Depot
*ASK- followed by a series of numbersRemittance CodeN/ASupplier Analytics Program
*NewStrDXXXX-XXXRemittance CodeN/ANew Store Discount
*IRX followed by BOL#Remittance CodeN/ADF IMPORT RTV
*HDQCRemittance CodeN/APro Quote
*RTM or *RTMxxxxxxxRemittance CodeN/AManual RTVs (Return To Vendor) from Direct Fulfillment Centers (DFCs).
FTSXXXRemittance CodeN/AFlexTecs US Deductions
8119Location CodeN/ASignifies HD.com
*SHORTAGERemittance CodeN/A"Shortage" refers to a keyrec quantity at the RDC In step that is less than the quantity on the ASN.
Fill ShortageComplianceN/AA "Fill Shortage" is a SKU quantity listed on the ASN that is less than the SKU quantity on the PO.
8-digit POTermN/AOld DC's & parcel PO# structure
10-digit POTermN/ANewly converted DC's PO # structure
Inbound/Internal Freight ConsolidationDCIFCList of all IFC centers with their corresponding codes here.
Rapid Deployment CenterDCRDCIf you ship through IFC you would go IFC ⟶ RDC. You can also ship straight to RDC. For list of corresponding RDC #'s to stores see here. Note: you get your key rec at RDC not IFC. RDC's also do not store any product, it is just a touch point before final destination either store or other DC.
Reverse Logistics CenterTermRLCBuyback agreements made between the supplier and THD may now be processed through the Reverse Logistic Centers. The RLCs will consolidate the product from the stores and send full truckload shipments when possible directly to the desired returns location.
UCC 128 LabelTermUCC 128Required for each pallet or loose carton on all shipments to the RDCs. PO Number is required on the UCC 128 label. Additional requirements might exist depending on the type of load shipped.
RDC Cross DockDCRDCXProduct is sent to RDC from vendor / origin. RDC does not break down or adjust shipment. Flows directly through facility from Inbound Truck to Store/MDC/DFC Outbound Truck.
Bulk Distribution CenterDCBDCFacility used for large, bulky products.
Stocking Distribution CenterDCSDCProduct stored at facility.
Direct Fulfillment CenterDCDFCExtended assortment available for next day ground parcel delivery. Product stocked at facility. Can receive product directly from supplier or via RDC.
Host OrderTermN/ASpecial Order
Core CarrierTermN/AHome Depot has a list of pre-approved carriers.
RDCAggregateTermN/AWhen store orders are aggregated they will be assigned a unique RDC purchase order number. Shipment will flow through the RDC network.
Mixed PalletTermN/AA “mixed pallet” is a pallet with more than one PO (vs. mixed SKUs).
Commerce HubAppCHUBA 3rd party app used to manage all drop ship orders, and online drop ship compliance scorecards can be found here as well.
Merchandise SupplierTermM-VendorMerchandise Supplier Level. All M-Vendor numbers roll into the P-Vendor.
Payables SupplierTermP-VendorPayables Supplier P-Vendor number is used for: AP – EDI 810 transmission and 820 Remittance Advice EFT – Electronic Funds Transmission (ACH Payments)
Vendor Turn TimeTermVTTThe time it takes for a supplier to pick, pack, and ship an item
Flatbed Delivery CenterDCFDCDC for bulk building materials. Can receive product directly from supplier or via BDC or RDC.
Market Delivery CenterDCMDCTop 30-35K SKUs enabling next & same-day box truck delivery for local DIY, MRO and PRO customers
Market Delivery OperationsTermMDOCrossdock to extend next day box truck delivery to 90%+ of the population. Can receive product directly from supplier or MDC
"Your Other Warehouse"TermYOWRefers to direct fulfillment homedepot.com product that is stored in a HD DC
Buy Online Deliver From StoreTermBODFSSales pull from store inventory
Buy Online Pickup In StoreTermBOPISSales pull from store inventory
Buy Online Ship to StoreTermBOSSCould be from supplier or from DC
Direct to CustomerTermDTCShipped from supplier directly
Buy Online Return in StoreTermBORISItem purchased online returned in store for customer credit
Transload FacilitiesDCTSLDDC type for import suppliers
First MileTermFMShipping between Vendor and any HD Facility
Middle MileTermMMShipping between HD Facility to HD Facility
Last MileTermLMShipping from HD Facility to customer

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