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Code 10: Price Difference as Documented (Allowance Difference)

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What is Deduction Code 10?

Code 10s are generated when there are discrepancies in allowances between the invoice and the PO. These could be differences in allowances either at the order/invoice level or the net cost of allowances at the line item level.

How to Prevent Valid Code 10s

  • Review the PO for correct cost and allowances information before filling order
  • Review EDI data and PO data to ensure what is sent/received matches allowances agreed upon in supplier agreement.
  • Review for correct cost, allowance, unit, and weight information. It is most common for valid code 10s to arise from EDI errors.
  • Do not ship product if the information on the PO is not correct. Instead, Walmart recommends contacting the buying department to request a price correction.

Can Code 10s be Disputed?

Yes. Although agreed-upon pricing allowances aren’t considered for payback, it is still possible to dispute an erroneous application of a Code 10. Submit disputes in the Accounts Payable Disputes Portal (APDP) in Retail Link. If the dispute is denied, then you should still contact your buyer directly to request a payback.

How to Dispute Invalid Code 10s

Supporting documentation:

  • Supplier agreement showing agreed-upon allowances
  • Invoice (EDI 810) showing correct cost and allowances

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