Additional Deduction Codes

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Code 20: Concealed Damage

Code 26: Carton Shortage- Misrouting

Code 27: Carton Damage SLC

Code 29: Misrouting Change FOB

Code 34: Pallet Charge

Code 35: Sales Tax (State)

Code 36: Sales Tax (City)

Code 37: Insurance

Code 38: Stop-Off Charge Incorrectly Added to Invoice

Code 39: Freight Cost on Backorder

CodeĀ 40: Routing Violation, Excessive Freight

CodeĀ 41: Collect, Should Have Been Pre-Paid

CodeĀ 42: Backhaul, Pickup Allowance

CodeĀ 43: Merchandise S and B Pre-Paid to Consolidator

Code 45: Prepaid Freight Incorrectly added to invoice

Code 46: Freight Allowance

Code 48: Freight S and B Pre-Paid to Consolidator

Code 49: Freight Cost to Forward Mis-Routed Shipment

Code 61: Incorrect Color or Size Assortment

Code 62: Labour and Handling (Packaging/Repackaging)

Code 71: Fixture Allowance

Code 74: Previous Account, Debit Balance

Code 75: Transfer of Debit Balance

Code 76: Buyers Reserve

Code 77: Overpayment of Invoice Amount

Code 78: Storage Charges

Code 79: Sample Charges

Code 81: Anticipation- Supplier Request

Code 83: Discount Not Taken at Time of Payment

Code 84: Discount Not Taken at Time of Payment

Code 85: Interned on Overpayment

Code 86: Excise Tax

Code 90: Unauthorized Charge, System Deduction

Code 91: MDSE Destroyed, Damaged, Defective

Code 96: MDSE for Repair, Assembly, Not Returned

Code 98: Disposal Fee

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