Walmart Acronym Cheat Sheet

Every Walmart supplier knows that Walmart is filled with acronyms and abbreviations of all kinds specific to the supplier world. Here are some common acronyms you may run into as a supplier.

APAccounts Payable
APISAccounts Payable Information System
ARAccounts Receivable
ASNAdvanced Shipping Notice
ASOTVAs Seen on TV
​BOL​​Bill of Lading​
BPSBasis Points
CDMClient Development Manager
CIDConsumer ID
COICertificate of Insurance
COOPCooperative Agreement
DCDistribution Center
DCI​Direct Commerce Inc.​
DMMDivisional Merchandise Manager (reports to GMM)
​DSDC​​Direct-to-Store, Shipped through DC​
DSSDecision Support System
DSVDrop Ship Vendor
EANEuropean Article Number
EDLCEveryday Low Cost
EDLPEveryday Low Price
FBQFreight Bill Quantity
FIFOFirst In, First Out
FYEFiscal Year Ending
GBS​Global Business Services
GLNGlobal Location Number
GMMGeneral Merchandise Manager
​GSM​​Global Supplier Management​
HILTHigh Inventory/Low Turns
HOHome Office
HTSHarmonized Tariff Schedule
IOPDIn-store, Online, Pickup, Delivery
HVDCHigh-Velocity Distribution Center
LIFOLast In, First Out
LTOLead Time Out or Limited Time Offer
MABDMust Arrive by Date
NCUNon-Compliant Units
NHMNeighborhood Market
ODGOutdoor Games
OGPOnline Grocery Pickup
OPDOnline, Pickup, Delivery
​OSA​​Online Supplier Agreement​
OTIFOn-Time, In-Full
PDCPerishable Distribution Center
PMPDPrint and Mail Distribution Center
​PO​​Purchase Order​
​POD​​Proof of Delivery​
PUTPick up Today
RDCRegional Distribution Center
RLRetail Link
RMReplenishment Manager
S2HShip to Home
S2SShip to Store
SCASales Contribution
SCIMSupply Chain Inventory Manager
SCOGStore Catalogue Order Guide
SFSShipped from Store
SKUStock Keeping Unit
​SL&C​​Shipper Load and Count​
SLIFStore Level Item Forced
SLUFStore Level UPC Forced
SOGStore Order Guide
SOIStore Only Item
SPMSales Performance Management
SSOStore-Specific Order
SWASStore Within a Store
TCRTotal Cases Received
TLOTruckload Optimization
TONUTruck Ordered, Not Used
Trans CP%Transactional Contribution Profit Percent
UOMUnit of Measure
UPCUniversal Product Code
WICWomen, Infants, and Children
WMWalmart Marketplace
WM CAWalmart Canada or Walmart Marketplace Canada

Online Event Codes

Event CodeEvent Description
OL4TH_WKOnline July 4th
OLAE__WK41Online Annual Event
OLAE__WK42Online Annual Event
OLAE__WK43Online Annual Event
OLBTC_WKOnline Back to College
OLBTS_WKOnline Back to School
OLCMASWKOnline Christmas
OLCYBRWKOnline Cyber Week
OLDAD_WKOnline Father’s Day
OLEASTWKOnline Easter
OLGAMEWKOnline Game Time
OLGRADWKOnline Graduation
OLHALLWKOnline Halloween
OLHARVWKOnline Harvest
OLHOLIWKOnline Holiday
OLMARDWKOnline Mardi Gras
OLMEM_WKOnline Memorial Day
OLMOD_WKOnline Modular Orders
OLMOM_WKOnline Mother’s Day
OLPHDYWKOnline Pre AE Promo
OLPRESWKOnline President’s Day
OLPRIMWKOnline Prime Day
OLREPLWKDefault/Regular Ordering
OLSEASWKOnline Seasonal
OLSPRGWKOnline Spring
OLTAB_WKOnline Tab
OLTAX_WKOnline Tax Time
OLVAL_WKOnline Valentine’s Day
OLWAY_WKOnline Wayfair Day
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Updated on September 24, 2020

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